STOKES BLOG Latte Levy – Why you should invest in a Reusable Cup

‘Latte Levy’ a term that has become widely used in the last 6 days, but what does it mean?

MPs are proposing a 25p charge on all disposable cups to help reduce waste or a complete ban on disposable cups if recycling doesn’t improve.

There have been many articles in the news on the topic which highlight some alarming statistics:

  • Creating the paper cups to meet the demand of the world’s burgeoning coffee house culture sees some 6.5m trees felled every year
  • The UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year – that’s enough to circle the planet five and a half times
  • Of those, almost none are recycled and half a million a day are littered
  • The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the production and shipment of 2.5 billion cups is equivalent to that produced by burning around 120 million litres of petrol

Statistics are taken from articles from The BBC and The Independent.

If you are in need of even more reasons to stop using disposable cups and start using your own reusable cup, we’ve put together a list to highlight the positives.

Top 5 Reasons to invest in a Reusable Cup

  1. More and more coffee shops are offering discounts when you purchase your drink in your reusable cup. This includes high street chains and independent shops, so wherever you go you are saving money and helping the environment
  2. By investing an insulated cup, you are able to keep your coffee hotter for longer helping you savour that all-important caffeine fix!
  3. The variety of cups on offer means you can get the perfect cup to suit you. Pick a colour, pattern or even personalise your reusable cup to help you stand out or to give as a gift!
  4. Coffee shops will often sell their own coffee as beans or ground for you to make your own coffee at home, saving you money, time and giving you another excuse to use your reusable cup without compromising on the quality of your coffee.
  5. By investing in a reusable cup, you become part of a greater movement to invest in our planet, clean up our oceans and reduce the amount of waste unnecessarily produced on a daily basis.

Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use disposable items, like coffee cups. By committing to a reusable coffee cup, you are taking huge strides in the fight against plastic waste.

At Stokes Tea & Coffee, we offer a 20p discount on any takeaway drink purchased in a reusable cup.