Hario Filter Ceramic Cones

tiamo filter cones
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WEIGHT: 500 g


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Hario V60 White Coffee Dripper. Discover a new coffee brewing experience when you use this innovative pour over dripper design by Tiamo. The large hole at the bottom, with descending ribs on the inside and a steep wall help produce a great cup of pour over coffee. 

    • Also available in V02 / V01

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      Important to know

      • 119 Years Roasting Experience
      • Next Day Delivery Available*
      • Free Delivery Over £35
      • Coffee equipment Sourced Responsibly
      • Recyclable Packaging where possible

      * For next day delivery, orders must be a minimum of 2kg and placed prior to 10am, Monday to Thursday. Qualifying orders made on weekends will be dispatched on Monday (excluding public holidays).

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