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Machines and Equipment

All the wholesale and trade equipment, machinery, and devices your business needs to make a great brew.

Wholesale and trade Tea and Coffee Equipment

Espresso Machines

Stokes is proud to work in partnership with Sanremo, the world class Italian espresso manufacturer together with a hand-picked selection of other equipment suppliers. We offer a full service package including installation, maintenance, servicing and full barista training. By offering a prompt and efficient call out service, our engineers are committed to taking care of your machine repairs.

All machines and equipment can be repaired or serviced by our team of engineers.

Coffee Grinders

Choosing your grinder is equally as important as your choice of espresso machine. To create the perfect cup of coffee, here are some of our personal favourites.

Coffee Grinders and equipment

Instant Machines and Bean to Cup

These automatic beverage machines are ideally suited for locations where there is a sudden need for hot drinks in seconds and with minimum effort. There are lots of beverage options to suit all tastes and the machines are available coin operated or not, with various lease and payment plans.

All machines and equipment can be repaired or serviced by our team of engineers.

Bean to cup coffee machines and equipment

Filter Machines

Filter machines are by far the easiest and most economical method of coffee making and many coffee connoisseurs will argue they produce the finest, smoothest cup of coffee, certainly with the least amount of effort or skill required.

We offer a range of filter machines, both manual and automatic water refill. We also have larger volume filter coffee machines that brew directly into portable urns.

Some machines are available on free loan with the regular purchase of Stokes Coffee.

Filter coffee wholesale and trade machines and equipment

We know your business is unique and that you might need products which cater for specialist requirements. We can offer everything you need, from individual brewing equipment right through to large scale bulk brewers. We’re also more than happy to source anything you need which isn’t outlined on our website – simply get in touch and we can help.

Machine and Equipment Servicing

When it comes to wholesale coffee and tea services, we make it personal with our expert consultancy, barista training and service and maintenance.

Coffee Machine repair and servicing