OVOPUR Coffee Machine Water Filter

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OVOPUR Coffee Machine Water Filter
Ovopur by Aquaovo
OVOPUR Coffee Machine Water Filter
OVOPUR Coffee Machine Water Filter

WEIGHT: 12000 g


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  • Upper Reservoir has a capacity of 4L
  • The main reservoir contains 11L

To be used with Ovopur Water Filters.

O V O P U R - The Art of The Water Filter

The OVOPUR is a stand-alone water filter designed to be both beautiful and functional.  A permanent fixture in the tents of the Cirque de Soleil, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the homes of celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and John Legend, the OVOPUR is a piece of modern art that also happens to filter tap water.

Designed in Canada by the drinking water filtration and revitalisation system company Aquaovo, the OVOPUR was produced to make tap water taste great, look great and help to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill or our oceans.  It is handmade in Limoges, using the millennium-old traditions to produce one of the world's whitest and finest porcelain.

The OVOPUR water filter combines the unique shape of an egg and the natural thermal properties of porcelain to preserve and revitalize tap water. The sleek curves and absence of right angles allow water to flow freely and naturally, imitating nature's filtration system. This free circulation of water prevents stagnation and reduces bacteria build-up and, as the water sits in ceramic, rather than plastic, it is preserved and kept free of pollutants.

Environmentally friendly, the OVOPUR water filter is gravity fed therefore it does not need electricity or plumbing and is portable and easy to use.



Made from reusable Pyrex glass, the AQUACRISTAL filter cartridge contains layers of KDF55, Quartz crystal, microporous bio-ceramics and activated carbon that help to remove nearly all chemicals and organic pollutants from drinking water without over-filtering or taking out those healthy minerals.  The lifetime of the cartridge is 4 months with a filtration capacity of 2000L of tap water.  It is essential to change the cartridge to prevent bacterial build up and overload on the filtration media.  The spent cartridges are then returned so that the glass housing can be recycled and reused.  The OVOPUR comes with the first cartridge included, please click here to order your year's supply.



Stokes Tea and Coffee is a fourth-generation, family-run business that cares deeply about our environment and buys responsibly.  We are delighted to be the exclusive UK distributor for the OVOPUR water filter and to team up with Aquaovo to help reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill and our oceans.  The demand for plastic continues to grow but its durability - the key characteristic that makes plastic so popular - is also the reason why it is so widespread in the oceans. Plastic debris in our oceans is emerging as atruly global challenge and one that requires a response at local, regional and international levels.  On a local level, our aim is to stop the unnecessary production of single-use plastic water bottles and to encourage our staff and customers to filter their tap water which not only helps to save the planet but improves your health and saves you money.

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  • 122 Years Experience
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