Coffee Tasting Experience - The perfect gift!

Coffee Tasting Experience - The perfect gift!
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Take a tour of our Coffee Roastery & see how we turn green coffee into our award-winning products, then join our Master Roaster at our dedicated training academy onsite to enjoy a full sensory, professional coffee-cupping session.

You’ll experience some of our finest coffees & learn about their attributes, origins altitudes & much more. This is an informative & fun experience - the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of coffee. Brilliant for enthusiasts, team building, corporate hospitality & coffee lovers.


  • How to professionally taste coffee, the cupping method & techniques
  • The different characteristics of coffees & how they affect flavour
  • How to compare flavours, experience 8 different coffees & understand professional coffee terminology
  • How to use a flavour-wheel to discover tasting-notes & flavours

Duration - Around 1 hour

Cost - £29.99 per person includes the session plus a voucher for 10% off any product at

Also available online as a virtual experience click here to find out more!


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Important to know

  • 120 Years Experience
  • Next Day Delivery Available*
  • Free Delivery Over £35

* For next day delivery, orders must be a minimum of 2kg and placed prior to 10am, Monday to Thursday. Qualifying orders made on weekends will be dispatched on Monday (excluding public holidays).

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