About Stokes

Stokes Tea & Coffee all began in 1892 when Robert William Stokes moved to Lincoln, then in 1902, he began selling tea and coffee. The full history of Stokes can be found here where you can join us on a journey through time and see what has made us the company we are today. 

Today, Stokes remains a family company, with Robert's great grandson, Nick Peel, the current MD, and the fourth generation to take the helm of the Stokes Tea & Coffee company.

Here at Stokes, we understand that it's our people, customers and communities who have helped make us what we are today and we give back whenever we can by sponsoring local enterprises, donating to charities and giving to good causes. We also support local businesses by using the finest local produce to create our delicious dishes and treats on the menus at our cafes, and lovely products available from our online shop.

Most recently, Stokes became sponsors of the national mental health charity, Mind  & PWSA UK, as well as getting involved in the C2C2C, (Coast to Castle to Coast), a Lincolnshire charity 100 mile bike-ride!

Globally, we focus on sourcing ethically and responsibly and support organisations like Fairtrade International, the Rainforest Alliance  and Coffee Kids - a charity giving better healthcare and education to youngsters in developing nations.   

Looking after our environment, communities and our people is very important to us here at Stokes. You can read more about our Ethical, Sustainable and Responsible approach here.

Stokes has always worked hard to deliver excellence throughout the 120 years we've been running. We're as proud to serve you today as we always have been.

If you:

We will deliver the best experience for every customer, every time and we look forward to serving you soon.