Wholesale Coffee Machines & Equipment

We partner with some of the best coffee machine suppliers in the industry because we know just how important it is for you to have the right coffee machine - that’s reliable, consistent and energy efficient too.

We have carefully selected our extensive range of coffee making equipment which includes everything from traditional to filter brewing machines.

We have the perfect options and product packages to suit any business and we can recommend the best solution for you and your business. Enjoy a visit to our roastery and onsite training room for a machine demonstration or we can arrange to visit you at your convenience!

Whatever you’re looking for - You’ll find exactly what you need here at Stokes Tea & Coffee

Coffee machines cost less than you think and can start from as little as £4.40 per day! We offer lease purchase, purchase and direct rental options to help you get your business up and running.

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San Remo Zoe Vision

Traditional Espresso Machines

Traditional Espresso Machines are the benchmark in quality coffee making. They offer the ultimate control of extraction, water temperature, pressure & milk texture to help you get the best from every bean. The sight, sound & smell of a traditional espresso machine in action is second-to-none for adding theatre to any setting

Sanremo Espresso machine packages come with lots of extras such as:

  • Water Treatment Unit
  • Valid PSSR Pressure safety certificate
  • Full Delivery and Installation by our in house service team
  • Barista equipment including Stainless Steel Knockbox
  • Full professional Barista training at our Barista Training Centre
  • Free coffee worth up to £850!
  • Options to increase parts and labour warranty year on year from only 55p a day + vat!
  • Comprehensive Coffee and ingredients tastings to help you find the best products for you
  • Offer is subject to status
  • All our machines come with a whole host of servicing & support options. 

Esprecious Fresh Milk Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Fresh Milk Options - Our fully automatic bean to cup machines has interactive touch screens and are user friendly. Offering a wide selection of customisable drink options. The machines are available in different sizes to help with business demands and capacity. Fresh milk bean to cup machines come with their own countertop milk chiller units. These machines can be set up as a self-service, or as an operator service option.

Powdered Milk Options - Our range of non-fresh milk machines are ideal for smaller environments such as offices, meeting rooms and where fresh milk cannot be managed.  Choose a stylish small footprint machine which offers customisable drink options. Through tasting we have selected the perfect cappuccino topping powder so you can still experience a superior drink. The machines are touch screen, easy to operate and to clean. These machines can be set up as a self-service, or as an operator service option.


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