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We have a vast range of coffee making equipment available to rent or buy. From traditional espresso machines to fully automated bean-to-cup solutions, as well as grinders & more - you’ll find exactly what you need here at Stokes Tea & Coffee

Get serving great coffee from as little as £4.40 per day!

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All our machines come with a whole host of servicing & support options.

Sanremo Espresso coffee machine packages come with lots of extras such as:

  • Water Treatment Unit
  • Valid PSSR Pressure safety certificate
  • Full Delivery and Installation by our in house service team
  • Barista equipment including Stainless Steel Knockbox
  • Full professional Barista training at our Barista Training Centre
  • Free coffee worth up to £850!
  • Options to increase parts and labour warranty year on year from only 55p a day + vat!
  • Comprehensive Coffee and ingredients tastings to help you find the best products for you
  • Offer is subject to status
  • All our machines come with a whole host of servicing & support options. 

Traditional Espresso Machines

Traditional Espresso Machines are the benchmark in quality coffee making. They offer the ultimate control of extraction, water temperature, pressure & milk texture to help you get the best from every bean. The sight, sound & smell of a traditional espresso machine in action is second-to-none for adding theatre to any setting.


Easy to use & fast, bean-to-cup machines are a favourite for businesses that need to balance quality with volume. No need for a trained barista here because bean-to-cup machines are designed to automatically produce great coffee at the touch of a button. Bean to cup machines are suitable for a variety of settings including restaurants, pubs, cafes, offices & even self-service. There are a variety to suit all requirements, no matter how many drinks you need to produce each day.

Fresh Milk bean-to-cup machines are designed to get you as close to the taste & quality of a cup produced by a trained barista as possible. All machines are available with cup warmers & purpose made milk fridges for freshness.