Our Customers

Stokes Tea and Coffee is an award-winning family business with over 120 years’ experience in sourcing, roasting, blending and supplying the freshest coffees and finest of teas and delivering top notch customer service too.

Today we operate some of the busiest cafés and supply the highest quality wholesale and retail coffees, teas, equipment and training to customers all over the UK.

We’re proud to support businesses of all shapes and sizes with the best wholesale products including bespoke blends, machines, installation, servicing and training to suit every business and every budget.

So, whether you are just starting out or you’re already an established ‘big hitter’, we’ve got everything you need to make your customers happy and keep them coming back for more.


Customer Case Studies

The Start Up Business

We were approached by two entrepreneurs with big ambitions.
Both wanted to reach beyond their borders in Nottinghamshire by stocking the best product and trusted brand to create the biggest pull. They wanted to get customers through their doors from day one so, we listened carefully took their brief and created a full support package. Everything was covered from product recommendations and supply, to machine installation and accredited Barista training. This ambitious duo got off to a flying start, built their sales and reputation quickly, and, nurtured a healthy retail and hospitality business.

What they said:  “We wanted to work with Stokes from the beginning. They’re such a strong brand, we knew our customers would come to us because we served Stokes’ products. From sourcing the right machine and coffee to providing the best accredited barista training - the support we’ve had has been amazing!”


The National Retailer

A large, well-established company with multiple outlets approached us with specific and exacting requirements.
Service levels, value and quality were equally important, so, we created a portfolio of products, provided training for staff at each site and carefully crafted a solid distribution schedule. The company has enjoyed increasing sales and greater footfall, and, now we are exploring providing our support for their further expansion.

What they said:  “Suppliers have to be dependable, responsive and very good at what they do. Stokes hasn’t disappointed on any level. They’ve become trusted partners and we wouldn’t want to use anyone else. The quality of their products and service is driving sales for us – so that’s a big tick!”


The Niche Business

A dynamic retailer with growing concerns about the impacts of landfill waste approached us to develop packaging-free options for their coffee and tea deliveries.
We got on with intensive research and development, conducted quality and freshness trials and we created our Zero Waste re-usable bucket scheme. This scheme offers an alternative to customers who want loose product delivered in perfect condition. The retailer was delighted and many of our other customers have signed up for packaging free deliveries now. Working with our customers allows us to continuously meet their emerging requirements and grow their sales, and it benefits the wider community too.

What They Said:  “The team at Stokes worked with us from the very beginning to supply their lovely coffee in re-useable buckets. Offering a packaging-free option fitted perfectly with our ethos. It was a brave move on their part to introduce such a dramatically different delivery option but, both we and our customers love it. Orders have been rising steadily - it just goes to show that despite being established for so long, Stokes is incredibly forward-thinking when it comes to product development. Their zero-waste scheme is helping to persuade other suppliers to come up with packaging-free options too!”


The Hotelier & Restaurateur

A local celebrity chef asked our team to design and deliver a full-service package for each of his sites. Quality, consistency, taste and presentation were top on the list for this customer. The team at Stokes were very pleased to create a comprehensive portfolio of products, full product and equipment training, and service, that has passed the stringent taste-tests and delighted customers too. We look forward to supporting the planned expansion and growth of this lovely company.

What They Said:  “Quality is vital for my customers. They expect the best and only the best, so, every ingredient, every product must meet a very high standard. Stokes coffee and tea is extremely good quality and delicious too. They put as much love into roasting their coffee and blending their tea as I do in my dishes. I’ve worked with them for years now and wouldn’t want to use any other supplier.”


The Bespoke Brand Design

A large multi-sited retailer needed a unique in-house coffee blend that would create brand impact and repeat sales. Creating white labelled products and bespoke blends provides businesses with their own new product offering and allows exclusivity in a competitive market.
Stokes’ master coffee-roasters worked carefully to create a unique blend of the finest coffee that would be deliciously memorable and perfectly compliment the company’s brand too. The coffee was named, branded and supplied to each of the customers’ outlets. Sales were swift, increasing and the blend is fast becoming a favourite for their customers.

What They Said:  “Stokes brought over a century’s worth of experience to the table. The team created an artisan blend of the finest coffee for us from start to finish. From sourcing the coffee beans to roasting and packing the coffee, they have added a fantastic product to our portfolio for us. It’s unique, no one else sells it and it allows us to add to our brand impact,  presence, and ultimately, increase our market share and revenue.”