Virtual Events Receive Top Award!

Stokes Tea & Coffee has been awarded the highly prestigious Beverage Standards Association (BSA) Award for Design & Creativity.

Steve Slark Chairman at the BSA, presented the award to MD, Nick Peel at the Café Culture Show in London in recognition of the innovation & creativity shown by Stokes in designing & launching new virtual experiences. The virtual offering includes, coffee or tea tastings & even brewing demos. They've been extremely popular with top brand companies & corporate clients including Microsoft & Accenture.

Stokes’ Virtual experiences were launched just under a year ago when the team created a superb selection of 5-star, full sensory online experiences that help participants explore the wonderful world of tea or coffee in a unique & memorable way. Everyone at the events receive their own specially designed tasting kits before joining one of the Stokes Master Roasters online for the event  - which contains lots of goodies & everything needed for the tasting (apart from a kettle!).

Judges from the BSA praised Stokes saying the Virtual Events are; “A novel, sustainable, engaging & imaginative idea, delivering exceptional creativity & design.”

Sessions have proven to be the perfect option for colleagues, clients, friends or family to enjoy as a group, no matter where they might be located in the world.

From brewing demonstrations to professional tasting sessions - booking an event is the perfect opportunity to learn something new, have fun & make memories, build relationships even when you're not in the same location. 

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