Coffee Machine Servicing & Maintenance Lincoln

At Stokes our aim is to ensure that your hot beverage equipment is always fully functional. Our Team of inhouse coffee engineers are cross trained to carry out their work to the highest standard in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. With a wealth of expertise in service, we may be able to offer technical support to certain equipment outside of our current portfolio.

How we can support you

  • Annual services
  • Scheduled water filter changes
  • Preventative maintenance
  • PSSR
  • Full installations
  • Video support
  • Telephone support
  • Customer service support
  • Call outs


Annual Coffee Machine Service

Our goal is to ensure that your hot beverage equipment is always fully functional in order to achieve this, we highly recommend that our customers have an annual service. Service works will undoubtedly elongate the lifespan of your equipment and will reduce the potential of instances where machines are out of operation. The service incorporates manufacturer recommendations in relation to common items to be replaced, these common items are supplied and primarily comprise of; seals/gaskets, pipework, and filters – parts which are placed under high-stress and are susceptible to wear. Please note depending on machine type and volume usage your machine may require more frequent servicing.

During an annal service your coffee engineer will carry out a water filter change and a PSSR (where applicable). By offering all three requirements at the same time we can discount this service.

Coffee Machine Installation

Prior to your installation your account manager would of already discussed with you a site survey to ensure water, power and waste are all in place ready. On the day of installation our engineer will make sure all equipment is set up and complete a functional test. Your Barista Trainer would of already spent time with you prior at our Training Academy or you may prefer onsite training following your installation.

Call Outs

Our customer service team are on hand should you need to make a call to us, we have a telephone support for quick easy fixes and on site visits. Our service response time is same day next day, Monday to Friday 9-5pm We have an emergency support number for weekends.


Do you have dedicated service engineers?

Yes, our inhouse team of coffee engineers will be on hand to service and carry out any repairs you may need. Our engineers are also BSA Level 1 coffee trained so they will always be checking your coffee dose and grind to help with consistency and standards.

What if my coffee machine cannot be fixed on site?

As expert coffee roasters we know how important it is to keep the coffee flowing for your customers. We are able to offer a ‘swop out’ machine service should yours need to be returned to our workshop for further trouble shooting.

Is it mandatory to have a PSSR test?

Depending on the type of machine you have, yes, having a commercial coffee machine requires a thorough safety inspection of the pressurised vessels and valves -under the pressure systems safety regulations it is a requirement. Our trained engineers will perform this test, complete and record all paperwork to keep you compliant. Having routine boiler inspections can also prevent you from costly breakdowns in the future, keeping your boiler in top condition and also safety for your team.

We are committed to providing the very best customer service support. We pride ourselves on our great team and recognize that strong customer relationships stem from us having an expert team who love what they do.