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Stokes Tea and Coffee has been a pillar of the hospitality industry for over 120 years. We understand the pressure of keeping a smooth operation, and ensuring a consistent, high-quality beverage experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

Our promise on quality is backed by a century of roasting experience, you can be confident in the consistent taste and aroma of our products. We use only the highest-grade beans and meticulously source loose leaf teas to elevate your beverage program. 

With Stokes, you get more than just exceptional coffee and tea. We provide the tools, expertise, and ongoing support you need to transform your beverage service into a revenue-driving asset and keep your business brewing strong. 


Your Journey With Us

 Whether you're embarking on your first hospitality venture or a seasoned operator we offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive experience allows us to provide peace of mind and expert guidance for newcomers, while established businesses can leverage our deep industry knowledge. 

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Over 120 Years' Experience

S tokes Tea & Coffee is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing exceptional coffee and tea solutions to the hospitality industry. Our award-winning expertise spans the entire journey, from sourcing the freshest beans and finest loose-leaf teas to meticulously roasting, blending, and delivering them directly to your premises. 

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Direct Deliveries

We understand the importance of consistent inventory. Our dedicated logistics team ensures timely and reliable deliveries, tailored to your location and needs. Additionally, upon account setup, you'll receive a customised 12-month delivery schedule for complete transparency and proactive stock management. 

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Service Repairs & Support

We ensure a worry-free equipment operation with highly skilled engineers, extensive spare parts, PSSR and 7-day support, offering flexible service plans from installation to ongoing maintenance. 

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Wholesale Equipment

From our showroom, we offer a curated selection of industry-leading coffee machines to suit any businessWhether you run a high-volume cafe, a bustling hotel, or a streamlined office, we will analyse your needs and recommend the perfect machine for your space and workflow. 

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