Your Coffee Journey

At Stokes we are passionate about our Tea & Coffee with over 122 years of experience we are able to create and offer a full service solution as your coffee partner, from startup independent café’s, Hotels, Offices to multisite operations.

Stokes Coffee Journey

It’s all begins with a simple chat over the phone to learn about your business, we will then invite you to our roastery where it all happens under one roof! This will give you a full insight to Stokes and how we can help you.

We realise how daunting it can be choosing a coffee machine, during your visit to us we can go through a selection of equipment demonstrations, so you feel reassured that this is the right machine for your business.

During your visit we will also go through various coffees, through a process called cupping to help select that perfect espresso for you and your customers.

Setting up an account with us is straight forward, we will guide you through ordering via our customer portal, this means you have flexibility placing orders whether it be evenings or weekends when our offices are closed.