Welcome to the World of Alchemy!

Coffee mastery has run in the veins of the Stokes family of coffee roasters for over 120 years.

Our Master Roasters are constantly pushing boundaries to achieve the finest results from every bean for every cup.

Now we invite you to enjoy our newest, groundbreaking experimental range of coffees known as Alchemy.

Alchemy brings to you an exclusive, limited batch of carefully crafted, aromatically infused coffee beans – created for the adventurous!

Stokes Master Roaster Tom explains how he has achieved the amazing flavours of our new Alchemy coffee, saying: “Green coffee is very susceptible to picking up aromas from its environment, which usually means you need to be quite careful about how and where you store it. But, we figured out that we can use this property to introduce some really interesting flavours to the coffee.

“Being a purveyor of a really wide range of fine teas as well as coffee roasters gives us a lot of different flavours to play with. One of our favourites from these experiments is Japanese Cherry. We found it introduces a really strong almond character into the coffee, almost like an amaretto. The additional steps involved in the production of Alchemy and the extra time it takes to make each one, means the Alchemy coffees we create are going to be a limited edition run, with only a few bags made available.”

"Our first Alchemy coffee is Japanese Cherry. We are making less than 100 bags available so when it's gone, it's gone. If you miss out this time do keep any eye on our social media channels and website where we’ll announce additional Alchemy coffees as we create them.”

The team at Stokes have been continually taste testing throughout the development of Alchemy Japanese Cherry. The results are startlingly good with some describing the Japanese Cherry coffee flavour as the perfect combination of coffee and cake in a cup, but without the calories!

Alchemy - Japanese Cherry

Japanese Cherry Coffee