An Introduction to Coffee

Stokes Flat White Cup with Coffee & Latte Art
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Stokes Flat White Cup with Coffee & Latte Art



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  • Course Length: 3 hours
  • Total Cost: £60 per person
  • Places available per session: up to 8
  • Location: Stokes Barista Training Academy, The Lawn, Lincoln, LN1 3BU

Perfect for:

  • Baristas who would like to further their careers by building a better understanding of coffee.
  • Fans of coffee who would like to learn more about coffee and where it comes from.
  • Those who want to get a head start in the coffee business.

What’s covered:

We delve into answering these questions:

  • What is Coffee?
  • What is Caffeine? How it works to benefit both the plant and consumer.
  • Altitude – why is it important?
  • Where does coffee grow? What are its origins? How has it become a worldwide commodity?
  • How is coffee processed and how do we get it from plant to cup? Includes a live roasting demonstration.
  • How is coffee decaffeinated?

The session is mostly theoretical with coffee tasting and comparisons to support the teaching.

This is a downloadable ticket that you can download at checkout. Please bring your ticket with you to the tasting. This can either be printed or shown digitally.

Important to know

  • 122 Years Experience
  • Click & Collect Available
  • Free Delivery Over £35

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Customer Reviews

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Jenna Bainbridge

Recently I took part in their introduction to coffee course and I just wanted to sing their praises as I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt like I had learnt a lot. I have never done any course on coffee and I didn't know much about coffee in general, and this course provided a lot of information. I feel as if I am a lot more knowledgeable on the subject and that I have information to proceed in my learnings. I will be back in May to further my knowledge