STOKES BLOG Dramatically Different Delivery Drives Down Waste

There’s no doubt that climate change is driving big changes in the food and drink industry and it’s not hard to see why when you discover the statistics.

Around 52 million tonnes of waste goes to landfill in the UK every year and much of this is food, drink and associated packaging.  And, according to a study by Earthwatch Europe, an estimated 5.5 billion plastic bottles are littered, incinerated or sent to landfill each year, producing 233,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Growing concern about this waste is a big driver for companies and individuals to do ‘their bit’ when it comes to minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The increasing popularity of loose food options and zero waste supermarkets shows that customers have a real appetite for packaging free options.

It’s encouraging to see that there are local food and drink suppliers putting themselves front and centre when it comes to helping to tackle climate change. A great example of one of the things we're doing here at Stokes is a simple but ingenious initiative to help reduce the amount of packaging being binned.

As a family business, we might have been around for well over a century but that doesn't stop us taking an innovative approach to modern-day problems.

We deliver wholesale orders to thousands of businesses, and many of our customers have been quick to sign up to the scheme.

The scheme known as Zero Waste, cuts down on packaging waste by delivering coffee and tea to our customers in re-useable buckets. The buckets can be used repeatedly, and they keep products perfectly fresh and in peak condition without the need for packaging.

Offering products in buckets rather than in packaging can potentially save over sixty bags on just one order. The scheme follows on from a myriad of actions we're taking to minimise waste including; using local produce, investing in recyclable packaging, supporting the free top-up refill water scheme, planting trees, using upcycled materials to refurbish premises, and, our eco-friendly coffee roaster which helps to cut the use of natural gas and CO2 emissions.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their purchases have on people and the environment so it’s almost certain that packaging-free options are set to be in bigger demand!

To find out more about the Stokes Coffee and Tea reusable bucket scheme contact: 01522 523548 or