Legendary Standards in Speciality Coffee

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Ask a discerning coffee drinker why they choose Stokes speciality coffees over all others and they’re sure to give a long list of reasons. Mastery runs in the veins of the Stokes Tea & Coffee family which has been roasting coffee for over 120 years.

Artisan companies with this kind of heritage are like gold dust. The company is renowned for its expertise in all things coffee and tea, and has become a much-loved institution since it began in 1902. Now in its fourth generation, Nick Peel is the latest member of the Stokes family to lead the company. He, along with his team, is putting well over a century of love and know-how into sourcing, roasting and blending coffee and tea for retail and wholesale customers as well as running destination cafés and a barista training academy. 

Not all coffee is created equal. The Stokes speciality range assures excellence and a superior cup of coffee.

It takes a lot to receive the Stokes stamp of approval. The coffees that do are the culmination of the passion, pride, and dedication of everyone in the supply chain, from the farmers to Stokes’ Master Roasters, who select the finest green coffee and use a wealth of expertise to bring out the very best from every bean.

Chart showing that coffees with an SCA rating over 80 are regarded as Specialty.

Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) scores play a big part in getting these coffees the speciality coffee stamp. Coffees that are rated over 80 by the SCA will be recognised as Specialty. These are the very best coffees that you can find. 

The team at Stokes work closely with suppliers and supports organisations such as Fair Trade and the Rainforest Alliance. They have recently partnered up with Project Waterfall, a charity helping to bring clean water to coffee growing communities across the world.

Speciality coffee lovers can make a difference with every sip of delicious coffee as Stokes is donating £2 from every bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain to support the cause & help bring an end to the water crisis in coffee-growing communities.

So now there are even more reasons for coffee lovers everywhere to flock to Stokes and indulge their passion for Speciality coffee.

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