Stokes Coffee - Fair Trade & Fabulous!

Celebrating Fair Trade Coffee

As a family business & Coffee Roaster that's been trading for well over a century, Stokes Tea & Coffee has always believed in the importance of people.

Nick Peel is the fourth generation & current MD at Stokes Tea & Coffee in Lincoln. He’s a passionate, leading advocate in making sure that every business partner, from his team in the UK & his local communities, to his suppliers on the other side of the globe are treated fairly. Nick is resolute about making sure people are looked after wherever they may be in the world.

Stokes are coffee & tea connoisseurs who source the finest coffee beans & tea leaves from far flung corners. One of the ways Stokes looks after its suppliers is by purchasing coffee & tea through companies that have direct links to the farmers. This way, Stokes knows where every penny goes including to local hospitals, schools & other services that benefit farmers & their families.

Using organisations such as Fair Trade & the Rainforest Alliance, & supporting charities like Coffee Kids – a charity which encourages better medical care & education in coffee growing communities, supports Stokes Tea & Coffee’s company values by ensuring that business & trade helps everyone in the supply chain & will for years to come.

Some of the Fair Trade coffee beans currently being roasted by Stokes’ expert coffee roasters on sale to us lucky lot includes a Monte Cristo – a Single Origin Coffee along with various bespoke blends for Wholesale Coffee commercial clients.

Customers are becoming increasingly discerning about what they buy & they want to know that their purchases are not having detrimental effects on people or the environment. Fair Trade is a real help to shoppers as it not only ensures that producers are not exploited & receive a fair deal, but also-helps them identify products with clear sign-posting via the Fair Trade symbol.