Hario Mini Mill PLUS Hand Grinder

Hario Mini Mill PLUS Hand Grinder
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Hario Mini Mill PLUS Hand Grinder

WEIGHT: 300 g


What I'm buying

The new and improved Hario Mini Mill PLUS hand grinder is an absolute essential for coffee lovers! When brewing your favourite coffee you need to grind fresh coffee beans to get the best taste. The adjustable ceramic burrs give you a consistent grind anytime that you use it.

It's not just a grinder, you can use the lower bowl to measure coffee grinds. 1 cup = 12g.

You can use the Mini Mill PLUS coffee grinder on the go due to its size.

  • Precise & Consistent Grind
  • Adjustable Ceramic Burrs
  • Compact Size

Important to know

  • 122 Years Experience
  • Click & Collect Available
  • Free Delivery Over £35

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