All About A Barista

Meet Joe, our newest Barista.  He’s passionate about all things Stokes – especially our freshly roasted coffee. You might meet Joe at our High Bridge Café or serving delicious hot pastries, fresh sandwiches & delicious drinks at our Stokes To Go takeaway.

Joe gives every customer a smile with their order but what else does a Barista do?

Barista Career Profile:
Visit any good café, restaurant or bar and you’ll find the rock stars of the coffee world - Baristas are the beating heart of great customer service. They are the go-to person for the knowledge, science and the art of brewing the perfect cup of our favourite steaming coffee and other drinks.

Baristas are one of the first points of contact for our customers. They meet, greet, engage, advise, and, are a key ambassador for our business.

The skills of a barista are not just focused on making drinks and understanding equipment and ingredients. Baristas must master excellent communication skills, customer service, self-management, planning and organisation too.

Lots of baristas are passionate about the precision and art of what they do and there are some glamourous competitions across the world where baristas pit their skills against each other in various categories to find the one with the best creativity, customer service and technical skills. Top Champions are seen as celebrities in the world of coffee and gain big followings - they can even command big fees to appear at various events, as the star of the show!

Job Description – Barista

  • A Barista is a professional who makes and serves beverages such as coffee, tea and specialty beverages.
  • They meet, greet and advise customers on drinks, ingredients (e.g. coffee) and options.
  • They are experts in using various drink making equipment, tools and ingredients.
  • They create drink combinations and recipes and the way these are presented to customers e.g. latte art

  • Operational duties include:
    • Ensuring a clean safe and productive environment
    • Taking customer orders and payments
    • Cleaning surfaces and equipment
    • Managing/replenishing stocks and equipment
    • Creating exciting drinks menus/doing instore demos/tastings
    • Acting as an ambassador and a customer representative
    • Working flexibly to support the Stokes team