Inuit teas

Inuit teas
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Inuit teas

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A selection of different flavoured teas from Nunavik. Discover the rich Inuit culture with these northern traditional herbal teas. See below for full tasting notes.



    • One box includes 20 tea bags


Ground JuniperA delicate infusion of ground juniper, handpicked in Northern Quebec, Canada. The First Nations appreciate this herbal tea for its golden yellow colour, and the camphorated taste revealing subtle lemon-mint tints.

Labrador - Without a doubt the most popular herbal tea in all of First Nations' history. It was originally used to treat respiratory problems, bleedings, and to sooth all kind of pains.

Crowberry - With an intense purple colour, the infused crowberry spreads a fruity aroma. This herbal tea has a slightly astringent and acid taste. Crowberries grow in a cold and moderate climate in Northern Quebec, Canada. The First Nations used it to reduce gastric pains.

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  • 122 Years Experience
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  • Tea Sourced Responsibly
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